The Healing Sound

of Music


It is the soundtrack of our lives - in the nursery, when we learn the alphabet, on our first date, in our cars, at our weddings, even at our funerals.   It can trigger memories of the best of times and the worst of times, it can be the expression of love or a call to battle. 

It has a beat, a melody, harmonics, sometimes some cool lyrics.  Sometimes it makes us cry because it’s so beautiful, sometimes it makes us wince because it’s so bad.  But at its very core, what actually comprises this human creation we call music is actually just an orderly arrangement of something much more basic.  Sound.  Tones.  Frequencies.  And each one of them has an effect on the way our own bodies, indeed, everything on the planet, vibrates.

And of course it is not just music which does this.  All of the sounds and frequencies, audible or not, which are in our environment have an impact on the rate at which our bodies are resonating.  They can put us to sleep, or they can jar us into nervous anxiety.

By being aware of these various frequencies, whether

they are from a jet passing overhead or a symphony

played through our home stereo, we can learn to

recognize how this infiltration of our bodies, our

consciousness and our subconscious actually effect

our thinking processes, our emotions and even our

physical health. 

This website has been created by Kate Kunkel, and is dedicated to helping you understand the powerful effect that sound, including music, have on every aspect of your being.  Meet Kate HERE as she explains more about the incredible healing power of music.

You will find resources throughout this site that will help you learn to recognize and  use the frequencies that are beneficial to mind, body and soul, and help you eliminate those that knock you out of tune.



Welcome to A Place of Peace and Healing

The Healing Sound of Music shows you how to surround yourself with the kinds of tones and frequencies that can make and keep you healthier.

If you have trouble sleeping, suffer from anxiety or stress-related illnesses, or if you find yourself impatient or easily angered, then I invite you to download this FREE guide...

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This guide will give you the tools to identify and mitigate the effects of sonic pollution, and to create a place of peace and healing in your own environment.


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